Aurash Yazdgerdian

Aurash YazdgerdianAurash understands that the shape of our planet is within the hands of the species with the most impact: humans. He is critical on the lifestyle of our species and how our industrial and household practices can alter the future of this world.¬†Achieving a BSc. in Biology from The University of British Columbia,¬†Aurash is a proponent of sustainability on all levels and he believes that the individual decisions each human takes, collectively has significant consequences on our species-level carbon footprint. Aurash believes that educating the public on environmentally-oriented issues is essential in order to become a “greener” species. By writing for the Footprint Press, Aurash aims to educate people on how commercial industrial practices (like salmon farming) can harm the environment and that by gaining this knowledge, each individual will consider taking more sustainable actions.