Chrissy Courtney

Chrissy CourtneyChrissy believes in the combination of creativity and nature as both elements have this wonderful way of transforming into something sensational and fantastic. Plants and animals alike, have been her inspiration and motivation to draw and paint as every given opportunity is a chance for her to submerge herself into better understanding their form, behaviour, and significance. Each drawing presents the possibility to go beyond what she sees and knows, but to become personally connected through empathy.

Her enthusiasm for art making and passion towards the preservation of nature, exceeds the paintbrush and pencil as she dreams of an earth where plants, animals and humans live in a harmonious understanding. Art is the perfect instrument to express that dream.

She has been a student of art for a good portion of her life; she began to draw as a child growing up in Ontario. “Moving to British Columbia, two and half years ago was my calling to expand my knowledge and love of art through University education. As a tree-hugger, vegan, avid hiker and nature enthusiast, British Columbia’s backdrop of majestic mountains and lush vegetation has been and will continue to be my true calling.”