Eddie Gardner

Eddie GardnerEddie Gardner (T’it’elem Spath), born March 3, 1946 in Hope, BC is a member of the Skwah First Nation. He graduated from the University of Prince Edward Island in 1972 with a Bachelor of Arts in the Social Sciences. Eddie worked for a variety of federal, provincial, First Nations and private sector employers in designing, coordinating, directing and delivering a broad range of programs and services from an Aboriginal world view.

Eddie is currently an Elder-in-Residence with the University of the Fraser Valley. Eddie conducts sweat lodge ceremonies, medicine wheel workshops, and provides Indigenous students with encouragement, guidance and support to achieve academic excellence. Eddie does lectures and presentations to classes on a variety of topics from an Indigenous perspective.

Eddie is devoted to working with First Nations authorities, Salmon Are Sacred, environmental groups, scientists to protect and restore wild salmon. Eddie believes an essential first step for restoring wild salmon is to remove open net feedlots from their migration routes due to deadly, mutating viruses and diseases stemming from those feedlots that could bring wild salmon to extinction.