Footprint Press Issue 13: 2014

Footprint Press Issue 13


Mike Gildersleeve- The Healing Walk
Angus Macdonell- Moving towards biodynamic farming in Silverdale
Eddie Gardner- Saving Wild Salmon from destructive Industrial practices
Lina Azeez- Rediscovering our Water Connection
Val Pack- Trees of Life
Artwork by Tessa Fawdry, Helen Gamble, Don Mair and Glen Ryder
Bruce Klassen- Cover photo: Pileated woodpecker, Silverdale

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Footprint Press Issue 12: 2014

Footprint Press Issue 12

Yvette John- The Medicine Walk
David Hancock- Echo lake, Ancient Forest remnants in our midst
Kevin Taylor- Tumbelwood
Robert Martens- the chambers of the queen
Wendy Bales- Balancing Fraser river Economies and Ecosystems
Sylvia Pincott- Leaves are not Litter
Val Pack- Getting to know our local species at risk- The Elusive Giant
Artwork by Chrissy Courtney & Gary Haggquist
Bruce Klassen- Wrap around cover: Silverdale bear family

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Footprint Press Issue 11: 2014

Val Pack- On Wings of Success
Dr. Thierry Vrain- When science is corrupted by corporate greed
Don Mair- Evolved man, Carrot’s revenge
Aurash Yazdgerdian- Health concerns of farmed salmon
Eddie Gardner- Boycott net-pen farmed salmon: Critical to human health and wild salmon promotion
Betty Ann Pennier- Cycle of the Salmon
George Pennier- Spirits of the Longhouse, Steller Jay
Rod Clapton- No hazardous waste facility in the Heart of the Fraser!
Carrie Besko- A high stakes game of cat and mouse
Jeanette Smith- Farmland- A treasure beyond measure

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Footprint Press Issue 10: 2013

Footprint Press Issue 10Contents:
Dr. Marvin Rosenau- The Fraser River Gravel Reach
Dr. David Suzuki- Working with Nature can protect us from floods
Leanne Hodges- Pinks Moving Upstream
David Hancock- The Chehalis Flats Bald eagle and Salmon preserve- A new local initiative
Dr. Ken Malquisten- The Raccoons in the Neighbourhood
Val Pack-Species at risk- The elusive ghost flower “Phantom Orchid”
Tracy Lyster- Sprawl report
Betty Joe- Raccoon masks

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Footprint Press Issue 9: 2013

Footprint Press Issue 9
Phyllis Young- The Ecological and Economic value of Native Pollinators
Taylor McPherson- The trials and exhilarations of starting a small farm
Jocelyn Durston- Adventures in permaculture: Building a permaculture food system in Maple Ridge, B.C.
Tracy Lyster- Sprawl report
Aurash Yazdgerdian- Salmon farms threaten wild salmon returns
Eddie Gardner- Chilliwack chapter of Atlantic farmed salmon feedlot boycott
Val Pack– On silent wings: Barn Owls
Doug Youngson- Bad to the bone

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Footprint Press Issue 8: 2013

David Hancock- Bald Eagles of BC
Chrissy Courtney- Salmon spawn
Angela Zimmerling- To the Fraser’s fish
Jack Emberly- Dear Enbridge
Lynn Perrin- Environmental concerns about the Kinder Morgan pipeline
Val Pack- Fraser River White Sturgeon
Tony Rees- Political landscape of gravel mines

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Footprint Press Issue 7: 2012

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Daniel van der Kroon- Farmer’s Markets
Phyllis Young- Salmonberry
Chrissy Courtney-Bird series collage
Gerry Pinel-Golden Ears Transitions Initiative
Val Pack-Species at Risk, Great Blue Heron
Jeremy Pitchford-Community Supported Agriculture
Elena Edwards-Grave threats to wild salmon
Mike Diener-Zero mile diet, Oyster mushrooms
Don Mair-Mishi-leaks
Tracy Lyster-Sprawl report

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Footprint Press Issue 6: 2012

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Dr. Ken Macquisten-Deer in the neighbourhood
Megan Sjogren-Deer study paintings
Val Pack-Species at Risk, Pacific Sideband snails
Tracy Lyster-Concerns about Wren creek development
Skye Brooks, Zero mile diet, Nettles
Sylvia Pincott-What’s in a name?
Lynn Perrin- Post referendum update on Stave Lake drinking water proposal
Angela Zimmerling- Wildlife poetry

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Footprint Press Issue 5: 2011

Footprint Press, Issue 5
Mike Gildersleeve- Concerns about the Stave Lake drinking water project
Elena Edwards-Cohen Commission on Wild Salmon
Zoey Slater-Invasive Grey Squirrel
Roopchand Seebaran-Social Sustainability
Don Mair-Mishi-leaks
Tracy Lyster-Sprawl report
Marlisa Power-Sustainable Saturdays
Val Pack-Species at Risk, Oregon Forestsnail

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