Leanne Hodges

Leanne Hodges is primarily a self-taught artist with an academic background and technical training acquired in a variety of visual art programs in the US and Canada. For more than twenty years, she pursued an art practice while developing a remote charter boat company and raising her son, Kai. In the far reaches of coastal BC, Leanne worked as an artist, a DFO contractor enumerating salmon streams, and a guide and naturalist for wildlife charters.

Images of wildlife, coastal landscapes, indigenous cultures, and environmental themes are expressively interwoven in Leanneʼs paintings and mixed media artworks. Technically and creatively, she is attracted to and challenged by cross media formats, with a special interest in life-size models and murals. This gives her artwork a uniqueness and originality not typically found in west coast portraiture, wildlife or landscape art.

These qualities converge in Leanneʼs current interest in paper pulp, an eco-conscious medium capable of lightweight applications and increased pliability for three dimensional pieces. It also lends versatility to highly modelled and textured surfaces in her works on canvas.

Currently her focus is on new works that evoke a spiritual and passionate connection with the wilderness as an intrinsic value. Urgently reaching out to the viewer to behold the sacred union between the human soul and Mother Nature as out higher power…

… before what we have is erased from existence.

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