Elena Edwards

Elena EdwardsHaving lived in the Fraser Valley for the past 20 years, Elena Edwards has seen the ongoing environmental degradation of the natural world that she loves. She considers herself fortunate to have grown up near the Fraser River and away from suburbia, where she formed an intimate relationship with the world of plants, animals, trees, mountains, and more.

In the past 20 years she has seen all of this torn apart and poisoned by industrial development, industrial agricultural practices, sprawl, and the actions of a society that seems to have an overall disregard for the importance of protecting and respecting the very nature of the earth that keeps us alive.

In the past few years she has become proactive in doing what she can to help protect what still remains of a natural environment, and in 2009 organized the Mission World Community Film Festival along with a dedicated committee of fellow nature lovers and activists for a more just world all around. That same year, she became a member of CAUSS, and now seeks to bring additional support to raising the level of awareness and instigate action against the threats to wilderness.