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Daniel van der Kroon- Farmer’s Markets
Phyllis Young- Salmonberry
Chrissy Courtney-Bird series collage
Gerry Pinel-Golden Ears Transitions Initiative
Val Pack-Species at Risk, Great Blue Heron
Jeremy Pitchford-Community Supported Agriculture
Elena Edwards-Grave threats to wild salmon
Mike Diener-Zero mile diet, Oyster mushrooms
Don Mair-Mishi-leaks
Tracy Lyster-Sprawl report

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Dr. Ken Macquisten-Deer in the neighbourhood
Megan Sjogren-Deer study paintings
Val Pack-Species at Risk, Pacific Sideband snails
Tracy Lyster-Concerns about Wren creek development
Skye Brooks, Zero mile diet, Nettles
Sylvia Pincott-What’s in a name?
Lynn Perrin- Post referendum update on Stave Lake drinking water proposal
Angela Zimmerling- Wildlife poetry

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Footprint Press, Issue 5
Mike Gildersleeve- Concerns about the Stave Lake drinking water project
Elena Edwards-Cohen Commission on Wild Salmon
Zoey Slater-Invasive Grey Squirrel
Roopchand Seebaran-Social Sustainability
Don Mair-Mishi-leaks
Tracy Lyster-Sprawl report
Marlisa Power-Sustainable Saturdays
Val Pack-Species at Risk, Oregon Forestsnail

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Footprint Press issue 4
Dr. Ken Macquisten-Bears in the neighbourhood
Megan Sjogren- Black bear drawings
Sylvia Pincott-Welcome bats to the belfry
Amanda Smith- Community Supported Agriculture
Tracy Lyster-Mission’s controlled substance property bylaw
Jeanne Hughes-Invasive Giant Hogweed
Val Pack-Species at Risk, Western screech owl
Tracy Lyster-Create a no mow zone
Kevin Francis- Thinking differently
Daniel van der Kroon-Taking back the economy
Walter Neufeld-Why gravel pits matter to you

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Fall, 2010 issue of Footprint Press
Sylvia Pincott-Caring for your land into the future
Val Pack- Species at Risk, Band-tailed pigeon
Bruce Klassen- Living with Band-tails
Mike Gildersleeve- Agricultural Land Reserve
Emily Helmer & Roxanne Snook- Protecting biodiversity on Sumas Mountain
Elena Edwards- Many shades of green
Sieglinde Stieda- Food security
Wendy Bales- Aggregate pilot project follies
Tracy Lyster- What are Official Community Plans?
Elena Edwards- Justice for Wild Salmon

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Spring, 2010 issue of The Footprint Press
Tracy Lyster- Silvermere Island
Elena Edwards- Paddle for Wild Salmon
Daniel van der Kroon- Road Cyclists
Walter Neufeld- Aggregate pilot project
Val Pack- Local Species at Risk
Zoey Slater- Invasive plant species
Tracy Lyster- Notes from the Hinterland
Plus more!

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Ellen Sereda is a Mission, BC based painter and mixed media artist. Her work focuses on portraiture and wildlife, primarily birds, though both are often found in a single piece. She is inspired by the natural world and by stories and myth. “Some of my pieces are straight portraits of the birds I encounter walking through the forests and wetlands around me, other times I use elements of the natural world to tell a story.” Her work can be found in collections throughout Canada, the US, the UK and Australia.

Ronnie Dean Harris aka Ostwelve, is a Stō:lo/St’át’imc/Nlaka’pamux multimedia artist based in New Westminster, BC. He got his start with professional graphic design at the age of 14 and in the same year, he began co-hosting the “When Spirits Whisper” radio show along side Gunargie O’Sullivan on CO-OP Radio 100.5 FM (formerly 102.7 FM).

Over the years, Ronnie has worked on various projects, as an actor, composer and performer.

​He  has also been very active in creating and facilitating workshop programs for youth in media arts and hip-hop. Currently he is working as the Program Director for Reframing Relations with the Community Arts Council of Vancouver delivering programming for indigenous and non-indigenous artists to interface with students and youth in schools and communities around the concept of reconciliation. 

​As an organizer, Ronnie has contributed to various organizations over recent years including the Working Group For Indigenous Food Sovereignty, Wild Salmon Caravan, Wild Salmon Defenders Alliance, Indigenous Climate Action and other related organizations and actions.

For more information about Ronnie’s work as an artist and performer please visit