Footprint Press Issue 29: 2024

Footprint Press Issue 29

Issue 29 Contents:
Jenna Stuart- The Forest Walk
Jon Blais- The Plight of Plants
Aleya Silk- Stop the Spray
Lynn Perrin- Saving West Creek Headwater Wetlands: Canoe Journey and Coastal Jam
Tracy Lyster- Sprawl report: Practices leading to rapid deforestation in Mission and other BC communities
Val Pack- Red Frog Blues
Nicole Marie Giesbrecht- The Raven’s Tree
Original artwork by Nicole Marie Giesbrecht, Peter Gong, Jenna Stuart, Carrielynn Victor, and Aliah Wall.
Courtesy photos: Nicholas Anderton, Jon Blais, Roxanna Kooistra, Caroline Langbroek, and Mike Stefiuk.
Cover photo: Pacific Tree Frog by Mike Stefiuk

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