Footprint Press Issue 28: 2023

Issue 28 Contents:
Andrea Sadowski- Rewilding: The low maintenance, low-cost way to attract more wildlife to your yard and increase biodiversity in your neighborhood
David Hancock- Why would you wish to become a Raptor Nest Monitor?
Tracy Lyster, CAUSS- Sprawl report: A call for protection of wild salmon habitat in the Lower Stave River estuary, Mission
Rebecca McMurray- The rare and amazing Pacific water shrew
Patricia Marlowe- Amazing and beautiful Hair Ice
Cairn McArthur- From Grief to Activism- Original artwork by Carl Chaplin, Brenna Maag and Carrielynn Victor.
Courtesy photos: Caroline Langbroek, Sharon Palmer-Hunt,  Rick Skerry and Mike Stefiuk.
Cover photo:  Bald eagle and nestlings  by Sharron Palmer-Hunt.

Click here to view the PDF.

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