Issue 27 Contents:
Camille Coray- The Creation and Continued Nurturing of the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve: The Process of Rewilding After Habitat Destruction
Torrance Coste- It’s time to let our best defence against climate change protect us
Kristy Montan- Mission’s Ill-Fated Tree Protection Bylaw
Marc Lee- The values of the forest and the value of the trees
Yvette John (P’eq sq’oyes Slha’:li’)- Coast Salish Weaving Lifestyle 
Original artwork by Yvette John, Ellen Sereda and Peter Wayne Gong.
Courtesy photos: Ellen Sereda, Mike Stefiuk, Kayla Sullivan, and TJ Watt.
Cover photo: Pacific Wren, Bruce Klassen, Silverdale.

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