September 2020

Issue 25 Contents:
Lina Azeez, Watershed Watch Salmon Society- Connected Waters, Connected people: Flood control that works for people and fish.
Tracy Lyster, CAUSS- The heavy economic and environmental footprint of Silverdale sprawl.
Vanessa Isnardy & Erin Patrick- WildSafeBC: How to be a leader on the path to coexisting with wildlife.
Rebecca McMurray – The rare and amazing Pacific water shrew.
Sasha Tuttle, UFV Wildlife Protection Club- Lessons about Climate Change amongst the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Christina Toth, Fraser Valley Illegal Dumping Alliance- A community movement to keep nature clean.
Original artwork by Leanne Hodges, Carrielynn Victor and Peter Gong.
Courtesy photos: Rick Skerry, Christina Toth and Lisa Reid.
Cover photo: Black bear, Bruce Klassen, Silverdale.

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