Footprint Press Issue 24: 2019

Issue 24 Contents:
Taylor Buckman & Elia Pym-  Climate Action Now!
Jon Blais, Fraser Valley Conservancy – Our Cedars are Dying and We Need to Listen.
Siyamiyateliot Elizabeth Phillips & Lolehawk Laura Buker- Looking Out for the River, the People, and the Salmon.
Tracy Lyster, CAUSS- Sprawl report: How protecting and enhancing our forests can save us all.
Dr.Eoin Finn- “Clean LNG” is a myth, a bridge to climate nowhere and a dangerous fossil fuel.
Original artwork and poetry by Angela Zimmerling, Vinny Ferrario, Una-Ann, Betty Joe & Peter Gong.
Courtesy photos: Rick Skerry, Gary Haggquist, & Peter McCartney, Wilderness Committee.
Cover photo: Cooper’s hawk, Bruce Klassen, Silverdale.

Click here to view the PDF.

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