Footprint Press Issue 23: 2019

Issue 23 Contents:
Zachery Pelletier- Carbon Footprints
Angus Macdonell- Organic Farming is the Solution
Angela Zimmerling- Extinction Rebellion
Aleesha Switzer- Goldilocks frog (OSF): Saving a shallow wetland specialist in a changing climate
Eddie Gardner- The Powerful Spirit of Wild Salmon
Scarlet Stribling- Climate future
Original artwork by Lisa Shepherd & Kristi Bridgeman, Zachery Pelletier, Leanne Hodges, Scarlet Stribling & Peter Gong.
Courtesy photos: Angus Macdonell, Sharron Palmer-Hunt, South Coast Conservation Program (SCCP), Isabelle Groc, & Aleesha Switzer.
Cover photo: Anna’s hummingbird and chick, Bruce Klassen, Silverdale.

Click here to view the PDF.

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