September 2017

Contents: Rebecca McMurray- Hummingbirds in the winter?
Gordon Mohs- Mission’s unique 10,000-year-old archeological heritage
Tracy Lyster- Sprawl report: Who will protect the Stave river?
Eddie Gardner- Operation virus hunter: Fish farm violations exposed!
Michael Gildersleeve- Site C: Why should we care?
Kathryn Shaw- The owl and the fir tree
Val Pack- Getting to know our local species at risk: Snowshoe hare.
Original artwork by: Amber Silver, Peter Gong, Kathryn Shaw, Gary Haggquist, Carrielynn Victor, Kristi Bridgeman & Lisa Shepherd.
Courtesy photos: Rick Skerry, Mike Stefiuk, Gary Haggquist, Gordon Mohs, Joe Foy, Mission Museum and ACT art gallery.
Cover photo: Barred owl in a snowstorm, Bruce Klassen, Silverdale.

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