Footprint Press Issue 18: 2016

Footprint Press issue 18Contents:

Dr. Jeff Mathews- A fish worth fighting for.
Eddie Gardner- Stó:lõ, Salmon, and Cedar – A Sacred Relationship.
Robert Martens- Mother cedar.
Echo Lake’s Old-Growth Forest and Eagle Roost Under Threat!
Val Pack- Getting to know our local Species at Risk- Meet Boomer!
Kat Wahamaa- Stream- trading water for gravel.
Original artwork by: Leanne Hodges, Carrielynn Victor, Kat Wahamaa and Peter Gong.
Courtesy photos: Mike Stefiuk, Doug Ransome, and the South Coast Conservation Program.
Many thanks to Gerry Powers and Pontus Lindgren.
Cover photo- Black bear, Bruce Klaassen, Silverdale.

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