Footprint Press Issue 16: 2016

Lovena Morton, BSc.- Endangered snails in your garden
Robert Martens- Mystic Snail
Mick Webb- Bear Cub Red Alert
Karen & Kim Kamstra- Rodenticides creates a first class crisis for wildlife and pets
Lek’ hoosh Leon- Sásq’ets
Carrie Besko- A Tale of Misfit Blackbirds
Heather Richardson, MSc.- The Grand Stands of Cottonwood Trees
Artwork by: Lek’ hoosh Leon & Rocky LaRock- Sts’ailes, Carrielynn Victor- Cheam Village, and Ellen Sereda.
Courtesy photos: Mike Stefiuk, Marvin Salvail, Rick Skerry, South Coast Conservation program.
Cover photo- Lancetooth snail, Bruce Klassen, Silverdale.

Click here to view the PDF.

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