October 2015

FootprintPress Issue 15Contents:
Kim Sutherland- The Land that Feeds us: the Value of Farmland in the Fraser Valley.
Lynn Perrin/PIPE-UP Network- Concerns about the National Energy Board’s flawed review of Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion proposal.
Matt McAllister- Wild Mushrooms in the Pacific Northwest.
Eddie Gardner- Wild Salmon, Dying from Industrial harm, Climate change, and Politics.
Ken Floris- Farming on the Fraser.
Val Pack- Making Mountains out of Molehills.
(Getting to know our local species at risk)
P. Charles Ransom- The Tale of the Townsend’s Mole.
Elena Edwards- Ode to a Mighty River.
Artwork by: Brandon Gabriel- Kwantlen First Nation, Cody Lecoy, Roxanne Charles, Gary Haggquist, Don Mair, and Peter Gong.
Courtesy photos: Kim Sutherland, Hancock Wildlife Foundation.
Cover photo- Eagle and Salmon, Bruce Klassen, Silverdale.

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